MUSUBU Event Vol.2 – Leaderships: Failure is your best teacher

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July 5, 2018

MUSUBU Event Vol.2 - Leaderships: Failure is your best teacher
2018/07/26(Thur) 18:00 Cocktail Hour
21 Widmer St. (Behind tiff.) 6th Floor, Party Room 
Fees:$30 (Members$25:Registration for Membership is accepted then)
Please send your RSVP
*Last day of registration will be 22nd of July. Members will get priority seating.

Yoshikazu Itoh
He came to Canada as an expat in 1992. After 8 years of working, he transferred himself to Japanese logistics company. He prevented the downturn of this company and raise the company to be profitable. After 2007, he started working at organization affiliated with Japanese culture and started to put in an effort to support Japanese culture within Canada.

Terry Wakasa
Born in Fukuoka City of Fukuoka prefecture, he studied Business and Economics in Australia and Canada. After working at renowned airline company, he decided to started his own business. Currently he is working as Business consultant specialized in Corporation Branding, Marketing and puts a strong effort in spreading Japanese Culture.

Membership Registration

In order to register as member, one must have completed post secondary education and work a full-time job in Canada as a young professional, and have Japanese background. We also accept organization, business or an individual who may not quality to join as a Supporting Member.  Membership have perks such as, discount at an event, participation to Member only event and more.

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We are always looking for a Sponsor who will support our cause. This event was sponsored by the following organizations.

Toronto Tondou
Eriko Hattori
Toronto shokokai
Japan Festival Canada