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MUSUBU Mentorship Program

With the generous support of the community, MUSUBU-JYP proudly presents MUSUBU Mentorship Program

What is Mentorship Program?

Mentorship Program is a program where we connect Mentors and Mentees. Through participating in this program Mentors will gain leadership skill, communication skill, new knowledge, new perspective and satisfaction from mentoring the bright minds, while Mentee will gain access to the knowledge and experience that their Mentor has, and grow professionally and personally. The program is unique because it is based upon dialogue between mentor and mentee. The communication being a dialogue creates a strong bond between mentors and mentees, and results in relationship based on trust between the mentors and mentees.

How does MUSUBU Mentorship Program Work?

MUSUBU is committed to create a strong community for the Professionals in GTA. We are here to guide participants through the journey of Mentorship Program, and ensure that all participants have some gain from this program.

Step 1 : Registration

First step for all participants are to Register using our forms. As anyone can be Mentor or Mentee, please use the appropriate forms and provide your answer in accurate manner.

Mentor Registration Form

Mentee Registration Form


Step 2 : Matching

Based on the information provided, we will do our best to match up the mentor and mentee. We will do our best to match up as soon as possible, but this process could take from a week to a month depending on the type of mentor or mentee you are looking for.

Step 3 : Initial Interview

Once the match is decided, an initial interview will be set up between MUSUBU Mentorship Program Representative, the Mentor and the Mentee. We will have a three way interview to have an open discussion to connect the mentor and the mentee. At this point, the representative will provide list of questions to both parties, that is to be used for ice breakers.

Step 4 : Follow Up

Once, the initial interview is completed, the rest is up for the mentor and mentee, and representative will communicate with both parties to follow up how the mentorship program is progressing.

Step 5 : Feedback for the Program

Once we have confirmed the mentorship program is working well, we will contact both mentor and mentee to gain the feedback of the program. We will use this information to further refine and improve the program for the future candidates

MUSUBU Mentorship Program Registration Fee

All Registration fees are waived until June, 2021 

MUSUBU-JYP Members for Mentee

Registration fee of $50*

NON-MUSUBU-JYP Members for Mentee 

Registration fee of $70*

*This fee covers going through the mentorship program process once

Register for MUSUBU Mentorship Program

Mentor Registration Form

Mentee Registration Form

Meet the Mentors