MUSUBU – JYP Inauguration Party

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June 11, 2018

2018 May 17th is a day to mark for Japanese Canadian Community, as a new organization was announced to the community. MUSUBU-JYP, a Young Japanese Professional Group had their inauguration party and more than 70 people made attendance to celebrate the occasion.

As organizers of the event, we were ecstatic yet fearful of the outcome of this occasion. The fear turned into excitement once we saw the line that formed at the reception.  As we saw the waves of people arrive, all of us couldn’t hide the excitement, and at the same time for a moment, we reminisce on the actions that we took to get here: all the late-night documenting, discussion through emails and messengers, many meetings that occurred, marketing work that we did, and more. We realize it was all worth it.

Picture by TORJA


As the night went on, we have many invigorating discussions with attendees about future of Japan Canada relationship, business scene, entrepreneurship, and about MUSUBU-JYP itself. All these discussions will help steer this group to become a successful organization, and we hope to see everyone’s face at the events to come.

Thank you very much for everyone who came out, and special thanks will have to go out to Ominato Deputy Consul-General from Consulate Generala of Japan, Toronto, Itoh Secretary General of Shokokai for the speeches, Mr.James Matsumoto for last minute toast, May Akanuma and Greg Johnston for a great music, and Kohei Yamamoto for providing his help at the bar.