No. 1 Shokokai X MUSUBU Benkyokai “How to Launch Your Business”

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July 4, 2020

On Tuesday, May 12th, 1st day of the first joint project with Shokokai took place. Under the theme of  “How to Launch your business in Canada”, first ever online Benkyo-kai (Study Session) was conducted. The event consisted of 15 participants and 6 lecturers. Students were encouraged to openly discuss their ideas, with fellow participants who have an aspiration to open a business in Canada. 

 On the first day, Keiichi Kubo, CEO, Beyond the Bounds Inc., taught participants of some process that one could perform to decide their business. Several case studies were shared and students conducted an exercise to look at their idea objectively, rather than subjectively. 

 On the second day, Masashi Karino, Deputy Head of Canada branch of MUFG Bank, LTD. presented about finance aspect while Hidetaka Takahashi, Manager, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. provided insights in risk management. Participants were given insight on finance, and how to minimize the risk when they launch a business. 

 On the third day, Hirofumi Matsubara, President, Nissin Transport, provided insights in regards to logistics. A lot of requirement for logistics were explained with real life example. One thing that stood out especially, was the risk associated with transportation, and how logistics and insurance are closely related. 

 On the fourth day, Tomohiro Oda, Deloite LLP, provided some traps and challenges that startups may face in Canada, at provincial level and at Federal level. He have kindly showed us what are some taxes or tax break available at different level and at different sizes. 

 On the Final day, Yoshikazu Itoh, Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce & Industry, concluded this 5 week long event with laws involved in starting a business in Canada. Some ideas that were discussed were hiring laws, and intellectual properties. 

 Survey collected after the event revealed the event was well taken, but at the same time receiving honest opinions have provided insights on how we could improve on organizing this event. MUSUBU-JYP as an organization have learned a lot, and we hope that we can conduct another similar event in the near future date with everyone’s support. 

 We will like to use this opportunity to provide thanks to the following people, Yoshikazu Itoh of Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce & Industry for his continuous support in planning and organizing, Keiichi Kubo, Masashi Karion, Hirofumi Matsubara, and Tomohiro Oda for kindly accepting the lecturer role and being steller at their role as well, and finally the participants who have made this event a success. Thank you, and we hope to meet everyone in the near future again!